September 25th, 2015



I don't even really like corn tortillas. I'm a New Mexican and flour's the clear winner down there. I'd never buy them, but a lot of the recipes I make call for them because they're vegan and, well, much healthier. So I buy them.

Today's recipe, quesadillas, called for eight of them. I don't know if they had bigger ones in mind, but there was way too much filling for just four quesadillas, so I made six. That used up 12.

I have plenty left! I couldn't find a pack this morning smaller than 72, so now I've got five baggies in the freezer with a dozen in each. I can make quesadillas five more times without buying any more tortillas. But I also froze four quesadillas, enough for two more meals.

I'm really only frustrated with the freezer space being taken up. Money's definitely not the issue. You can get 72 corn tortillas for less than $2.50. Or I'll just give you some.