February 26th, 2016

Press Your Luck

Au Revoir, Gulch

I decided two things about today's walk on Wednesday. That I'd try getting ready 30 minutes before dawn, and that I'd climb up the trail by the dog park. I guess it's been on my mind a lot recently because one of the bridges recently had to be dug out after a recent mudslide. It's the first high-elevation trail I ever went on there, but it's never been my favorite one because I had a pretty difficult time with one of the steep climbs on it, several times during those early climbs. Not that I wasn't strong enough or anything, but that it was just so steep and sandy that my feet would slide down. One time I even had to use my fists on the ground and climb up on all fours. But the trails change over time so it's always worth it to revisit them after a while.

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