March 30th, 2016

Press Your Luck

That's better

I'm so happy to say I slept very well last night, and the Pebble figures agree. 7 hours, 22 minutes of sleep; 2 hours, 55 minutes of deep sleep. That confirms my suspicion that the "deep sleep" figure is a portion of the "sleep" figure, not in addition to it, as I definitely wasn't in bed for over 11 hours. I'm a little sleepy today, but it's the kind I'm used to, not the miserable kind like the last two days were.

The ball of my left foot has been pretty sore from walking on the large gravel that's all around the tracks at the gulch, and figured it'd be a good to give that foot a break by heading down to Lowell to try to catch the sunrise. My timing was great.

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