April 2nd, 2016

Press Your Luck

I made a silly video

I've had the idea for this for years, but kept putting off learning to edit video so I could make it. I had a lot of fun with Vine this week, though, and decided it was time to go ahead and do it. I've got it on Facebook and Tumblr, but don't really want to put it on YouTube for fear that it'll just end up getting taken down. So if you'd like to see it, please go check it out at Tumblr.
Press Your Luck

Eastward ho

Friday was just going to be a repeat of that walk I've been doing at the gulch. Up via the tracks, hang a left and follow that access road, and turn around. But I got a nice early start because it's getting light so early, and as I passed by the Southernmost entrance to the Eastern section, I was just too bummed by the idea of walking past it again. So I didn't. Heading into the Eastern trails, I figured it wouldn't be too muddy, and if it was, I could always turn back.

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