May 16th, 2016

Press Your Luck

The creek, she rises again

I read my last entry again and realized I said Friday was so busy but didn't even mention half the stuff I did. I was hoping to get some asparagus to with the salmon and baked potatoes for dinner, and was hoping to get it at the Friday Everett Mall edition of the Farmers' Market, which I thought was starting that day. After lunch, I went to the mall to see Captain America: Civil War, and the timing was perfect. The market was supposed to start at 3pm, and I even saw a huge area of the parking lot cordoned off as I arrived for the movie.

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Press Your Luck

I keep forgetting to add things to posts

After my walk this morning, I drove over to the medical supply company where I went on Friday to pick up the CPAP. I explained that I left the mask behind and joked that I figured it wasn't returned to me when they logged it, and that I was definitely blaming everyone but myself. The woman helping me laughed, looked up my info, and then spotted the mask right next to her on the desk with a note saying to let so-and-so know that I accidentally left it behind and to let so-and-so know when I'd come back for it. I'm a little curious why nobody called me about it and why she hadn't noticed it sitting right there. Weirdos.

So, looks like tonight's the night. I really can't wait, not just because I'm exhausted and need the help, but because they advised that insurance companies generally won't continue the arrangement unless it's used a certain amount of nights in the first 30 days, and I've already missed three nights. The machine has a wireless 3G modem, so I can't even lie about it. Ha.