May 17th, 2016

Press Your Luck

Here we go

I have to start out by stating that I *just now* discovered that the medical supply company called me just a few minutes after I left Friday without the mask, and the issue is that I didn't get the voice mail until today. I got a call from the market research firm I do a little work with last night and let that go to voice mail, and only then did I get a prompt from the Visual Voicemail app. Pretty annoying.

The first night went so much better than I thought it would. Especially because I have a mask for my nostrils only, plus a chin strap for if I can't keep my mouth closed. I snore through my mouth and thought it would be an issue for sure, but was having a very hard time getting both the mask and the chin strap on. But really, even just the chin strap is really hard. My beard's really thick and it's not comfortable to smash it down at all. But I think my mouth opens when I can't breathe through my nose any longer and with the CPAP on, the air flowed quite freely through.

I'm a little tired right now but I felt a lot better when I got up than I normally do. Oxygen is pretty great.

I went to the pool and was sad to find my iPod in the "on" position with a dead battery. Especially since I thought about charging it on Friday but never did. That makes for a much less fun swim, especially because I usually end up with the last song I heard in the car stuck in my head. Today, that was:

It had a little competition today, though. This one gets played a lot on Sirius XM Utopia, which is the channel we have the TV on when we're not watching a show:

I don't dislike that song by any means, but I never understood its popularity among other club friends I was running around with back in the day. It's fine, but people just loved it to death.

In spite of the lack of music, I had a really enjoyable swim. The swim center is in the appropriately-named Forest Park, and as I looked out the window at the trees in the sunlight, I had one of those perfect "runner's high" type moments and heard one more song in my mind.

I should probably get a haircut today. As soon as I first think about getting one, I can think of little else until I finally do it. I definitely need to trim my mustache, the hairs kept getting pushed in with my mask and that wasn't comfortable.