July 21st, 2016

Fax 575

Must-see TV (or not)

Thursdays have been one of my favorite days for a long time. Back when I commuted to Redmond, I worked from home on Fridays and it was so nice to pack up the laptop and bring it home with me and have three days before having to go back. It was also my payday for a long time, which worked out great, because any payments I made that day were processed overnight instead of taking all weekend. And once I finally asked Garrett to take care of dinner one night a week because I was overwhelmed by always doing it, he happened to choose Thursday, which was great.

Things are a little different now. I work from home every day. I'm paid monthly, but thankfully we have all of our checks go to a joint account and then draw a weekly "allowance," so I chose Thursday for that. It's still my day off from making dinner, thank goodness. And for now, I'm really enjoying going to beach in the morning unless I head over to the aquatic center, which is also nice. Today was really fun down there, and it was going to be one of the days where I export my Snapchat for a nice video, but the new version doesn't handle it as well as the old one did. I got an error message saying it couldn't export if the story had more than 20 videos. It didn't, just more than 20 items. Oh well.

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