August 4th, 2016

Fax 575

Good for what ails you

One nice thing about Dish Network is that a lot of Sirius XM stations are on it. For many months now, we've had the TV on Utopia, which is the dance music station covering the '90s up until now. Lots of good stuff on there. Unfortunately, they've decided to remove it from their lineup. It'll still be available on their app and somewhere else, but that doesn't really matter since we just need the TV to be on something good between DVR viewings. Last night was supposed to be the final night, and I started wondering if I might be able to hear it end if I stayed up until 9pm. That's midnight on the East coast, so it wouldn't be a shock if it ended at 9:00 here. It didn't end right then, and I went to bed having stayed up too late and having had too much wine. I felt pretty terrible this morning, but a hike always helps, so I headed to Japanese Gulch. My niece was originally supposed to meet me there today anyway, but canceled.

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