August 10th, 2016

Fax 575

Squads old and new

It's funny, with my scapula pain not going away I decided to contact my doctor via her web form and ask if that and the lingering inner elbow soreness since my massage that I got to address it were something to be concerned about. When she replied yesterday, she didn't confirm or deny, but suggested weekly massage as well as yoga. I messaged her back to ask about insurance coverage for massages with a referral and am waiting to hear back, so of course today the pain in my shoulder came roaring back maybe worse than it's been so far. I hoped to get a last-minute session at a clinic here in the neighborhood, but they were booked up with no cancellations, so I'll be seeing them tomorrow afternoon. The pain came back as I left a screening of Suicide Squad, so my guess is that the movie theater seat is even less ideal for my situation than my desk chair. At least I got home without hitting any major traffic and with a nice video.

Yeah, that's some sort of circus tent in the mall parking lot. I haven't heard anything about it.

Someone talking about Suicide Squad mentioned an animated one made a couple of years ago and I watched that this morning while watching my work inbox. It was ok. The movie out in theaters now is actually pretty good, at least compared to the low expectations I had from all the talk about it. Jared Leto was definitely not the best part about it and the decision to cut most of his scenes was a good one.

My Friday/Saturday plan is coming together nicely. I found a restaurant to go to about 20 miles from my rental (which is quite far from everything) to enjoy a fancy dinner. I've agreed to bring my work laptop with me to check on work stuff since my boss has the whole day off, and since it'll be with there, I can watch a movie in bed if I feel like it. I'm not planning on staying up very late at all, though, because I'd like to start my hike Saturday as early as possible. But the rental comes with stuff to make a country breakfast and I'm certainly not going to leave without enjoying that.

One site says the place I'm planning to hike is 8 miles, while another says 5.5. I can handle either, but I'm curious about the discrepancy. I'll look on MapMyRun for people's routes to see what those say. And I'm glad I read the reviews, because it's a loop, and now I know which direction to go in order to get all the climbing done first thing. That's the kind of intel I really appreciate.

I still have a couple of choices to make about Friday. Mainly, if I do a walk in the morning, I need to get home and get everything I'm wearing into the laundry so I can pack clean gear. I could wash everything tomorrow and swim instead. We'll see. Either way, I need to get my CPAP cleaned, dry, and packed that morning. No way I'm going without it.
Fax 575

Dance like no one is watching (unless they have goggles)

I got so distracted by my shoulder that I completely forgot to talk about my swim this morning. Today's soundtrack was Lip Locked 378, and that was a particularly good episode. Hearing it got me thinking about how I never go out dancing any more. It's a night activity for the most part, and I'm just not a night person any more. Or even close to one. Concerts are a slog now and even those are usually done before anyone's dancing. Even if I really wanted to, there aren't exactly lots of choices around here. In fact, looking at Yelp I really only see the single option I thought of off the top of my head, which is the lone gay bar we have here. If anything can gauge how different my life is, it's that. I used to live just a few blocks from an intersection that had dance clubs on three of the four corners and still has them on two. Back in the day, there were so many choices and a lot of people liked to go from one to the next, though I was more of a shift dancer: stay at the first place until closing time, move on to after hours, then on to after after hours. Funnily enough, if I had the same options now, I'd probably just get up at my normal time and go straight to first call at 6am after after-after.

But I doubt the scene in Seattle is anywhere near as fun anyway, and I don't feel like going down there for that.

So now I dance in the water for an hour, twice a week. You wouldn't know it unless you were under water and watching for a while, but I follow the music as I tread water, drifting around while I kick and turn.

It's funny how important the music is. I really don't like to swim or even walk without it. I think most people probably listen to music while they do most exercises, but I've never seen anyone else with headphones at either of the pools I go to. A lot of swimmers I see aren't even there very long and I wonder, would they do the whole hour I do if they had the right soundtrack?