September 4th, 2016


Island time is not normally fast-paced

Earlier this week, my friend Lisa asked if she could come to Spencer Island with me sometime. I said I go just about every Sunday and to meet me there this morning at 5:30. Turns out that could have been a little later as I forgot to adjust for the later sunrise. It was still neat, we just did the paved loop first and then the island so we'd be able to see more stuff over there. It was a gorgeous morning, but since I had company, I didn't use the camera much. There was another car parked next to hers, and we noticed on the way back in that its windows were halfway down, so I figured someone was sleeping in it. If so, I can't understand why they chose the spot right by the wastewater treatment plant. It's really stinky right there and there are plenty of other places around there to snooze. I'd at least consider closing the windows if it was me.

There wasn't any fog at all that I noticed on my drive in, but as soon as I crossed the bridge, fwoomp. Fog everywhere. Totally cool.

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Enterprise destroys Seattle

A quick thing I've been meaning to mention

Hanging around in Portland last weekend was interesting because I finally found myself in just the right spots where it really reminded me of Seattle, specifically Seattle several years ago. There's an intersection near the hotel where we stayed that was the spitting image for 12th and Madison before it started getting torn down and rebuilt. Plus if you look down the hill from there, you see downtown, just like in Seattle. It reminded me of being there on vacation for the first time when I wanted so badly to live there, and I did, just two months later.

It would have really left me wanting to move down there, if I missed Seattle all that much. I just don't, though. I miss a lot of people and a couple of places, but for the most part, I'm really happy we moved. We found a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, with just about anything we could want nearby. I've got my awesome walking spots which I have mostly to myself. And I swim all the time, which is a first. I've aged out of needing cool places to go and I already found a husband, so life in a small city just suits me.

But it was definitely a trip. Nostalgia is very powerful but I'm much more interested in the rest of my life from here on out.