September 6th, 2016


Slug city

It rained throughout the night, so I decided before I even got out of bed that I'd walk somewhere paved, and the Lowell riverfront trail jumped to the top of the list because I generally go to the tank farm on Thursdays and Lisa might come this week. I adjusted my departure time to take the later sunrise into consideration, and started my walk at about 6am. That place is one of the ones I find a bit creepy in the dark, so I waited a little bit to put my earbuds in.


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A swell afternoon

I did indeed head up to Marysville for lunch, a movie, and some shopping. Our two nearest movie theaters are at Everett Mall and in Marysville, and are five and ten miles away, respectively. So depending on what's going on with traffic, it's not necessarily a big deal to go twice as far. Plus I wanted to go to WinCo afterward, and the Marysville one's more convenient to their theater and the highway than ours is from our theater. A nice advantage Marysville has is that I haven't been to as many of their restaurants, and I had a very nice paper wrapped chicken (actually in foil) appetizer, plus Szechuan scallops. Really good.

Paper-wrapped chicken (a house specialty) (yes, it's foil)
Szechuan scallop

The movie, Don't Breathe, was really good. I recommend it highly if you like high tension.

And for the first time in a while, I got some good clouds on my dashcam. For far too long, we had cloudless, sunny skies, and then we had overcast ones with no detail. Today was pretty, even if it was warmer than I care for.