September 25th, 2016


Another expensive day

I was on Spencer Island this morning for my walk and having an ok time. I wasn't feeling 100% this morning and a Facebook exchange from yesterday was bothering me. A friend posted a picture of the gravy from her breakfast because the gravy from breakfast the last time we all went out was pretty disappointing. Some dude she knows posted a comment saying she shouldn't eat it, and I really hate when people police what others eat. It's tacky as hell. So I asked why her food was being policed and she replied that she's a fat pig and wants to lose weight, makes bad decisions, complains about them, and needs a kick in the pants from her healthy friends. I asked, if she considers herself a fat pig, what does that make me? She said healthy, intelligent, handsome, and fun, and I replied that I'm considerably fatter than she is, so if she calls herself a fat pig, she's calling me one too.

The fact that we don't exist in a vacuum is a concept I occasionally try to convey to people when they make self-deprecating comments. It's impossible to speak ill of yourself without also insulting people who look like you. And if you make fun of a celebrity for gaining weight, you're also insulting all your friends who are fat. It should be obvious, but people are extremely rude when it comes to weight. Always complaining about wanting to lose five pounds to people who outweigh you by 100? It generally comes across as hinting rather than your own concern.

Anyway the whole thing just bums me out. I hate hearing people hate themselves, and I've heard it from that friend quite a lot. So I was taking pictures of pretty flowers and stuff, and after I made a comment on an unrelated post on Facebook, my phone froze, then tried to reboot and couldn't, then died. So I went back to the car, came home, and showered, then Garrett and I went to breakfast. The AT&T store doesn't open until 11am on Sunday, so we certainly didn't have to hurry.

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