September 26th, 2016



About 20 minutes ago, I clicked on an email from my boss and nothing happened. And I couldn't right click it in the taskbar, or right click the task bar to open the task manager to stop the process. I finally decided to turn the computer off, and it wouldn't restart. After it tried a few times, I was convinced that since my phone died yesterday, it was my laptop's turn to croak. I grabbed a couple of photos to send to Garrett, and they weren't going through because I get terrible signal for MMS down here in the basement. I went outside and they sent immediately, and thankfully there was a login screen when I came back inside. That was close.

Speaking of the new phone, other than the fact that I have to wait for the camera/battery doodad and the case, I like it a lot. It's so fast. And the camera works really well. Actually, cameras. I still need to look up what the two different cameras in front do. I can already tell it does very well in low light situations. When I saw Zoey this morning I was shocked by how much brighter the video was than what I was seeing in real life.

I also just spent all afternoon working on a work issue. It's simply not possible to describe it if you don't work with me, so I'll just call it gremlins.

Oh and speaking of gremlins, I'm nearly done with Real World Las Vegas. I don't enjoy this season much, but these marathons MTV Classic are doing are rare opportunities to see the show. Somehow, my DVR timer for The Real World disappeared, and they either skipped seven episodes in the marathon, or the DVR ate them. I wouldn't be shocked if it was the latter, since the timer also disappeared, but I checked the schedule for the next marathon (Key West) and they're not showing every single episode. There aren't any seven-episode gaps, though.