December 2nd, 2016


The perfect month

I probably should have gone swimming this morning since I have a tattoo appointment this afternoon and won't be in the pool again for two weeks. But I was up and ready to go much earlier than the local pool's open, and wasn't in the mood for the other pool, so I just walked. Really early, at my normal Sunday spot since it's a good place to walk in the dark. Plus I've been thinking about going somewhere else this Sunday anyway since that's the only day the Facebook crowd gets to see. After the first section, I planned to see if any hunters were parked at the lot, and if they weren't, I wanted to walk the hunting trail for the first time in a while. But almost as if it could happen specifically because I had that thought, a truck full of them came roaring past just as I approached the lot. So, that plan was scrapped.

Today's awesome walk, 6.62 miles in 1:56, 13,445 steps
6.62 miles in 1:56, 13,445 steps

I also thought about going up past my car to add another two miles, but 6.6 felt like plenty and I also wanted to go to the grocery store after showering. Today's walk was the last I needed to fill in my first "perfect month" in a while.


It's not that I feel bad or disappointed if I miss a day, I just really like walking, swimming, and hiking, and my day doesn't feel complete without them. Saturdays are my day off, and it can be a little boring in the morning. Anyway, I love looking at a calendar all nice and full like that.

I didn't even do too much Snapchat this morning because of the wind, rain, and cold. You can tell I kept moving by how far I got in under two hours.