January 15th, 2017



Quite a busy day. The plan was to meet our friends Scott and Paige at the Boeing factory tour at 10am, which I thought left me plenty of time to walk as much as I'd want to, but as I was getting close to the four-mile mark, I started to figure out when I'd need to turn back, and that I was about ten minutes from that time. Because being somewhere by 10:00 meant getting to my car by 9:00 so I could be back in time to shower and choke down some breakfast before we left at 9:50. I ended up really hurrying on the way back, and am glad for that, because even with the extra 15 minutes I ended up with, I barely finished my breakfast exactly at 9:50. It's really not my style at all to run late or even be just barely on time, so it was pretty stressful. But I still had a fun morning and got further on that course than I ever have. I'll probably go back in the morning because I don't work tomorrow and don't have any plans until my sister-in-law shows up at noon.

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