January 25th, 2017


Change of plans

It wasn't a very busy morning in the deep end today, and I'm delighted to report both of the women who swim around the outer edge weren't there today. I noticed that the hot tub was hopping, but when I went to the sauna, I was alone there for a bit. One guy I usually chat with joined us, and then a guy I've been calling Richard Branson joined us. But he's gotten a haircut and doesn't look as much like Richard Branson now. The nickname will remain. Then the other Chris came, along with a couple of other guys. The sauna's big and everyone had plenty of room, but it was starting to get pretty loud. I figured I'd get out and get showered before this group all had the same idea, and the timing was just about right. I needed to quickly run to Safeway and wanted to get to the post office right as it opened at 8:30. True to form, I was early, but only by about five minutes.

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