February 2nd, 2017


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Went to the pool again today because I wanted to go to WinCo this morning and it's so easy to go straight there from the swim center. No need to go home, shower, get dressed, and head out again.

Today's the second time I did something really dumb there, but I'm glad I did, because I figured out what went wrong. They only take cash, debit, and checks, so their self-check stations are a good place to get some cash. I really only need $5 at a time for lottery tickets, and ATMs only give out $20 bills, but the self-check has all denominations. I accidentally hit "enter" instead of zero, though, so I got a nickel in cash back instead of $5. But last time I had no idea why the machine jumped to finish the transaction two numbers early and I see now that it was my fault. :)

A request to test and retest something came in at around 11:00, which was just about as late as it could be because I had an appointment to take my car in for an oil change, and had to leave at noon. But everything worked out perfectly and I was out the door right on time. Of course I drove right by the shop the first time and had to go another mile or so out of my way, but that was fine because they were running behind a bit. My former coworker bought the shop about eight months ago, and gave me a free Car Care Club membership, so today's oil change was free, so when we went out to lunch, I paid.

She got a text from her crew saying I need new brake pads, which I figured, and a new power steering fluid pump, which I had no clue about. They were almost able to do that for me today, but they had to wait on a part and I didn't want to hang out until 4pm, so I'll be back on Wednesday. Her husband wasn't able to join us for lunch today, so he and I will go that day while she watches the shop.

It's not going to be terribly expensive, and I certainly can't complain because we got the car for free and haven't had to put too much money into it, but of course I wish I didn't have the expense right now. Not that there's ever a right time.

Tomorrow's my next tattoo appointment, and the shop posted on Facebook today that they're set up for piercing now as well. Tomorrow's not the right time for that, though, so it'll wait until my next tattoo appointment. Too bad, since they're having a 20% off sale, but I'd rather not be healing that when we head off on vacation.