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575 sconce

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That's a wrap
575 sconce
That was quite a week. Work's been busy, but not so much that I couldn't get out for a few walks. I did yoga today, though, to give my back a break. I really miss the pool, but even two weeks out, my tattoo isn't completely healed. It'll probably be fine to go swimming Monday. It probably would have been fine today, but I'd rather not risk it. The reason it's an issue is that there's a ring of heavy black parts around my wrist, and it takes a lot of coverage to do that. There's only two small scabs now, though.

One highlight this week was the arrival of my new time lapse camera! I decided last weekend that I wanted another and the Brinno got here Tuesday night. We woke up to Valentine's Day snow and my first test was to catch that melting. That trial run taught me a few things. First, to my relief, it's a regular lens and not a wide-angle one. I'm shocked that I allowed myself to order it without checking that first. It's nice that it's self-contained and I don't have to use an app on my phone, but of course it's a small screen so it's not as easy to see how a shot will turn out. It's important to make sure the shot's not washed out. And there was a timecode that I had to turn off via a setting.

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