March 5th, 2018


London, Paris, Everett

One of the best parts of a vacation if you can swing it is a day or two off before heading back to work. Garrett and I are both off today and I also took tomorrow off. Right now I'm watching the Celebrity Big Brother finale, which I'm amazed hasn't been spoiled for me, though I can probably take credit for that because I also took a Twitter vacation while we were gone. Garrett's upstairs making lunch, Sam's in his spot on the love seat, and Steve's on my lap.

Here's my attempt to summarize the trip, starting with the first meal I made there. For those who don't know, we prefer to rent apartments and make our own breakfasts when we travel. It's nice to do that because you don't have to rush to get out in the morning.


Obviously there are tons more photos and videos at flickr and IG than I'll show here.

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