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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

Chugging along
575 sconce
Yesterday was a nice day off even though I was flying solo for most of it. I started with a short walk down at Edgewater Beach. 1.8 miles, one of my shortest ever. My physical therapist said I should try walking more often, but keep it short for now and stretch before, during, and after. Stopping to stretch in the middle was certainly weird. Another weird thing was that the gates at the beach were open, even though I didn't think they'd be. My theory is that people came there late Tuesday night to light firecrackers, because I saw a lot of those laying around. The gates don't lock, so anyone can open them. The port worker who showed up to open them happened to arrive right as I was at my car for the middle stretches and asked if I opened them. I bet he didn't believe me when when I said I didn't.

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