July 21st, 2018


I'm probably right but can't prove it

I didn't have a lot of time for a walk yesterday, but that was fine, because I need to be very careful about slowly increasing my distances. In fact, yesterday turned out to be only 3.8 miles, but I really felt it for the rest of the day. This impact is making it pretty easy to do my physical therapy every day. I should really be doing a lot of the exercises three times daily, but I've never managed to. Sometimes on days I go to the PT office, I get one session in at home and one there.

Maybe when we've gotten past the crisis management period at work and things are a little more normal. Twice daily plus exercise would be nice. I asked the physical therapist if I should expect to do these for the rest of my life instead and she said I should plan for that and would benefit greatly. And I believe that. My lower back hasn't been bothering me nearly as much lately even though that's not what we're focusing on. And I can't imagine what shape my feet would be in if I wasn't in PT.

Speaking of which, the podiatrist wrote a referral for therapeutic massage and said to try that after my PT sessions run out. I'm being smart about it for once and contacted my insurance company to get an idea what I'd pay. Of course they were very vague about it and said they'd cover 100% of approved visits after I meet my deductible. I'm quite a way from meeting it, though, so I replied asking them what I'd pay now.

I didn't start the search for a provider off smartly. It took me until day 2 to realize I should look in the provider directory on the insurance website instead of searching for providers around town and trying to figure out if they accept my insurance. Once I figured that out, it was nice to find lots of them in my area. We live close to all kinds of healthcare-related stuff.

Anyway, yesterday's walk. The last time I was down at Edgewater Beach I saw a new hole in the fence, presumably made by people who fish down there and lost their previous spot with a hole in the fence to ferry terminal construction. I knew it'd be a good spot for a time lapse even though it was highly visible, as long as I stayed nearby. What I worried about was people being able to walk right up and take the camera, but since it was at a dead end, I'd see them with it as they came out. And if you watch the video, you'll see I was right to worry!


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