October 14th, 2018


Push it real good

On a normal Sunday I might be heading toward the car at Langus right about now, but I've known for weeks I wouldn't be there today. Two years ago I arrived to find the place mobbed, and when I couldn't figure out later on the internet what the event was, I really wished I'd asked around before heading out. Last year I got there unaware that it was happening again, but encountered the crowd on the way back to the car, and had a hell of a time driving out with all the people wandering around in the road. There must have been a sign or something, but I can't remember exactly how I found out the name of the event. Glad I did, though, because that allowed me to put an annual item in the calendar a few weeks earlier to check for the exact date and then put another item on that day so I know not to go.

Most years, that'll probably be a good day to just go to Japanese Gulch or something, but today it was a god day to just stay in. On Friday, I decided to walk the entire marina so I could get a good map to use for a Live in Everett piece, and after those 7.3 miles, my ankle's a little sore. Great walk, though.


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