December 12th, 2018


Goodbye fence

The big changes at Langus continue. That new parking lot I mentioned is behind a gate that I've always wished wasn't locked. Opening it would allow for a loop I've always wanted to do, combining the areas where I always walk as well as the trail near the entrance. Instead of having to choose one or the other and double back, I can see both in the same walk! Super nice. The gate's still locked, but when I stopped by on the parking lot side Sunday, I realized they've taken down the fence on either side of the gate, so I was able to pass. Here I am looking very satisfied as I approached my car from the other side.


Of course, I still had to keep going to get my time lapse camera.

Losing a big portion of the park hurts a lot less now that I have enhanced access to the remaining areas.

Loved the silly pose these geese were doing near my car.


Had a nice lunch yesterday with Dale and took him to an artist friend's open studio event, then to Funko.