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Image Cards

Image Cards, originally uploaded by christopher575.

I kept getting emails from Capital One offering to send cards with images of my choice. Since they don't charge, I figured I may as well, and chose two of my favorites from my photostream. I actually wanted one of my wedding cake, but there wasn't a shot handy that worked very well with this format and the info overlaid. I still like these, though.

By the way, if you ever want to publish a picture with confidential info like this, I think the way I did it is the safest. I took the picture with my phone, connected it to the computer via USB, opened it in Paint directly from the phone and made my changes, then uploaded. That way, no version with the info intact was ever uploaded or even saved anywhere other than my phone, and within minutes the version on my phone was safe, too.

EDIT: Originals are here and here.


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