March 4th, 2019


From all the clouds to none

I popped out for a quick walk at Edgewater this morning. Didn't really want to do anything long, not just because of time, but because lately I've been in the pool three days a week and don't want to overdo it while I'm unable to swim with the fresh tattoo work.

It was a goofy morning, too. I tried to put my old phone in the mail and after missing the turn into the Mukilteo post office, had to wait a really long time to turn left back onto the street due to ferry traffic. I finally got there and it turns out the slot was too small for the box.

I also forgot to turn on MapMyRun, the app that tracks my walks for me. I manually put it in as three miles in an hour, which is probably pretty close to accurate based on the last walk I did there.

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