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575 timehops

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575 timehops
In the scramble when my account at work was locked my boss invited me via an alternate email address to tons of meetings this week and last. A bunch this week were canceled on my original account and I hadn't really given it a lot of thought until I looked at the calendar this morning and saw this week was almost completely empty. That didn't seem right, so I went to the alternate account and--whoops--found a whole week of meetings that I needed to forward to my main account. I think I missed one meeting today, and I got into the next one ten minutes late.

Not really a big deal, these are planning meetings with various stakeholders and I'm really just there so I have a little context later on when the time comes for me to test each item out.

We had a meeting this afternoon, but the attendees noted that they weren't really the right people to be on the call, so we wrapped it up. I decided to use the time to finally watch the final episode of Travelers, which was really great. I'm bummed that it's canceled but glad it got a nice finale. Now that I'm finished with that and caught up on The OA, it's back to The Magicians.

Had a good walk at the marina this morning. I was about to set up a time lapse facing West looking out into the sound, but there were more boats at the dock than I expected, and I noticed the sky to the East looked really neat. So I walked out onto the dock and set it up facing East. No clue why I'd never tried this spot before, it's really great.


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