June 25th, 2019


Can't contain it to one decade

At my last tattoo session on Friday, Jimmy really wanted to fill in the top part of my back. We hadn't previously discussed that and he couldn't think of anything, but then had a flash of inspiration. We've been looking at the Solo Jazz cup pattern a lot because I want the cup on my leg, and he decided he'd really like to use that pattern to fill in the top.


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Orange bathroom update

A while back at Zamarama, a local gallery, I saw a piece of art I liked. It was a little spendy at $250 for the orange bathroom, but I decided I might buy it if nobody else did when the show was over. Someone grabbed it on opening night. I mentioned that I'd liked it to Bill, the owner, and he checked with the artist and found out there were similar ones that were larger and smaller. I asked for the smaller one and Bill delivered it to the tattoo shop while I was there on Friday. I finally hung it today.

Lions at Night by Wolff Bowden

Now the ugly spots on the wall where the old towel rack are both covered, which is nice.