September 26th, 2019


Weekend agenda

I took tomorrow and Monday off for the tattoo convention. I'll spend Friday and Saturday nights at the hotel in Kennewick, and because Garrett made me realize traffic will really suck coming back Sunday, I'll do a night in Leavenworth.

(If you haven't heard of Leavenworth, check out this hilarious twitter thread by a hiker who had never heard of it before he ended up there.)

Nick from the shop is tattooing me tomorrow at 3pm, and I'll enter it in the tattoo of the day contest at 9pm if he wants it in. I'm also in the portrait tattoo contest at 8pm for my Freckle tattoo.

My next contest isn't until Sunday at 2pm for the full backpiece, which leaves a lot of time to relax, walk, read, see a movie, eat out, etc.

There's mountain snow in the forecast, hopefully it'll just be slushy if I run into it.

Had my back waxed on Tuesday and I'm getting a scrub and massage today at the Korean spa so everything will look as nice as possible. I have several new tank tops to wear to the convention, too.

I definitely need a break from tattooing to get caught up financially, but I'm getting one more next weekend. Madi's apprentice prices are still nice and low, so I'm getting another kewpie, then taking my break. Hopefully her schedule opens up sometime in the week before that, the appointment is eight days after the tattoo I'm getting tomorrow, and every tattoo resets the return-to-swimming countdown.

It's a very expensive week, but I've been planning it for a year, so I'm just going to enjoy it!