April 10th, 2020


Catching up with reality show faves

If you had told me years ago that there would be a global pandemic and that Dan from The Real World: Miami would end up as a crisis nurse in NYC during it, well, I'd have asked you for some winning lottery numbers because who could make something like that up?


Speaking of reality show people, I just love Mary Beth Albright. She made it quite far into Food Network Star season 7, which was ultimately won by Jeff Mauro, the Sandwich King. His show was great, but of course as with most hosts on the network, he was repurposed. The Kitchen is ok, but I don’t watch it. I’d watch the hell out of a Mary Beth Albright show, though.

But Food Network isn’t really into instructional shows as much any more. Check out the lineup on their website, it’s quite surprising how little of the day is dedicated to teaching people how to cook.


I tweeted Albright the other day and said Food Network doesn’t really do much with their winners and I’m really glad she’s doing great stuff for Washington Post. I mean, really. Aarti Party was a great show, but now they’ve got Aarti Sequeira judging endless episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games and whatever else. I’m sure she’s grateful for the paychecks, but damn.

I see they finally quit making Food Network Star a couple of years ago. They don’t really want to make cooking shows, so obviously it didn’t make sense to keep looking for hosts.