April 17th, 2020


A Friday triumph

I have probably asked here if a movie sounded familiar because I couldn't remember the name and wanted to find it. Something with that very familiar '80s trope where someone rich wants to buy a property and raze it to build something big and new, in this case...maybe it was a small record store and a new mega store would take its place? And maybe there was somehow a battle of the bands involved? And someone in a band at the time they needed to go on couldn't because he was kissing a girl and their braces got caught together?

But then you see him on stage and she's off to the side, smiling, with his braces sticking out of her mouth.

I don't know how long I've been trying to find it but it feels like forever, and searching for the battle of the bands trope and the braces stuck together trope wasn't any help either. I finally thought this morning to try looking up movies that feature models of buildings because I remembered the tall record store model rising up through what was there before.



"The 1983 movie Get Crazy follows this trope explicitly, as the corrupt music producer displays a model of his big sinister skyscraper to a meeting of big sinister investors. All that stands in his way of building it is the old-school music theater run by the good guys."

The building model scene:


And the braces:

My memory of the building scene was surprisingly accurate, though I didn't remember the explosion part. My memory of the girl was flipped, and she walks onscreen in the movie, whereas in my memory, the scene cut to her. She was also very casual in the movie and lovestruck in my memory.

It's such a huge relief when one of these decade-plus mysteries is finally solved.