May 17th, 2021


Seaside is lovely and the name is appropriate

Before this week, our only covid-era travel was a quick trip to Anacortes, a lovely town just over an hour north of us. We decided to venture out a little farther post-vaccination and Garrett surprised me with a view condo in Seaside, Oregon. Not that the trip was a complete surprise or anything, we had the time off planned. I don't really like being part of the planning if the plan is subject to change, so I've previously said we can choose a place together and make it happen, but if he wants to check around for cool deals before finalizing everything, I'd rather just not know until it's for sure.

One cool thing was getting to stop in Astoria on the way down. I've wanted to see it since I was a kid because it's a filming location for a lot of movies. You may have seen it in The Goonies, Short Circuit, and Kindergarten Cop to name a few. We drove by the Short Circuit house after visiting the Astoria Column, a very amazing viewpoint. You can't climb the column now due to covid, but the views all around the grounds are great.


One thing I love about the Pacific Northwest is that beach neighborhoods can still be green and cool. A very different experience from Florida or California. The water is one block away in this photo.


Our first meal at a restaurant since the pandemic started was lunch at the Rogue brewery in Astoria on the way down, and our first cocktails were at Bridge Tender in Seaside where they had the sign below. Strangely it looked exactly like the last bar we ever went to together in the before times, Gene's in Burlington, WA. It was super weird to see plexiglass between all of the video games. Dinner after that was outdoors at Finn's Fish House, which was nice.


One thing I definitely look forward to in beach towns is stuff like arcades and mini golf, and unfortunately the one in Seaside is indoors and still closed. But we had a great time at the aquarium and even got to feed seals!


Sometimes you shoot some random footage and with very little effort, a video you make with it comes out great!

TikTok by [profile] xtopher575
(I've been really enjoying TikTok, by the way, if you use it please add me there.)

We also made sure to visit Sunset Beach to the north, plus Fort Stevens. But mostly we just relaxed, which was wonderful.


As always, there are a lot more photos on flickr, full album here.