August 17th, 2021


Activities in context

Back in 2014 when we moved from Seattle to Everett, I stopped commuting to Redmond four of the five work days and began working completely from home, except for the occasional meeting. One of my bosses during that era had us meeting in person every couple of weeks, which was fine but kind of stupid. Why spend several hours out and back for one hour of face time? I always treated my time on the road those days as on the clock.

A huge change for me in 2014 was that I almost completely stopped reading books. Up until then, I got through about a book a week on my Kindle, reading on the bus. Since then, I just never found the time and place where I really wanted to read. I'll read a bit on vacations and last summer I read when I sat in my stock tank, but it's just not a regular part of my life any more. I associate reading with passing time that I can't otherwise do what I please with, and I just have a lot more freedom at home.

When my job ended June 30th, I was realistic about a similar change that'd have to happen with podcasts. I got into podcasts at work and have always associated them with sitting at my desk, and part of what I did to wrap things up at the end of June was to cancel all my Patreon subscriptions and quit listening to almost every podcast in my subscription list, which was pretty long. It's been pretty hard with certain shows, especially the ones I'd been with since the beginning for hundreds of episodes. But I'm spending the time doing other things and enjoying them, so it was the right call.

I only listen to two podcasts now: my own, which is a podcast about Melrose Place, and another podcast I enjoy that's also about Melrose Place. We've been on their show and they interact with us much more than anyone else ever has, and they have a different approach from ours that I really love.

It's hard to remember to listen to just these two podcasts. Usually I try to during my walks, but I reflexively always go for music when I head out. One cool thing about having a newer car is that I can listen in there, too, but it's not like I spend much time driving.

A bus commute in my future is unlikely (I hope!) but obviously I'll have a job again someday. Just hope it's one that includes lots of time I need to work on my own so I can listen to my shows again.