August 20th, 2021


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Today was the best day I've had in a long time. I shifted my sleeping schedule by an hour because I need to stay up late tomorrow, wacky and vivid dreams ensued. I walked the penultimate section of a 30 mile trail I've been working on occasionally for a while now (60 miles if you count getting back to the car). The cat I'm taking care of for a friend instantly appeared to say hi for the first time ever instead of hiding under the bed until I coaxed him out with treats. I visited two restaurants to review them and enjoyed the shockingly different experiences in each, especially the warm and joyous discussions at the second one. I arranged that one ahead of time and interviewed the owner, and that led to me chatting with several people there and getting the meal comped, too. One thing people don't know is that I usually pay for the things I review and am lucky to break even, so right now while I'm out of work and on a budget, it's wonderful to be social and not lose money doing it. There's more but a gentleman has a few secrets and this particular one doesn't like to jinx things.