November 12th, 2021


Week 4, No Repeat T-Shirt Weeks

Just had the interesting experience of heading to flickr to upload this week's t-shirt pictures and there was nothing new there since last week's. Normally in any given week I have quiet a few photos, but there's not a lot to see when it's so dark out.

Though I just realized, that might change a bit soon. I'm likely heading to the phone store for a new one today and maybe the next one will take better photos in the dark? I'm definitely hoping for better videos in it. I hate the way ones like this come out.

Work's going great and yesterday when I got to a small call first, I made sure to point the camera down for a very good view of the Freddy Krueger cat before anyone else showed up. I also explained to those three people that I'm wearing a new shirt every Monday-Thursday for as long as I can.

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