christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Probably not even worth explaining

I decided to write lyrics for Ice Pilots/Flying Wild Alaska, to the tune of the theme to Star Trek: Enterprise. But in my theme, the planes are also made of ice.

It took a long time
To make these planes out of ice
A really long time
Do you think they turned out nice?

I will see my planes land on the ice
Ice will touch the ice
And they're not gonna need groceries no more
No they're not gonna eat ramen

Cause I've got planes made of ice
They're going where there's no roads to take me
Planes! Do you believe it?
I can do anything
Except fly where it's warm
The sun's going to melt or break me
I can reach Ketchikan
From ice I'm made
Ice I'm made
Planes of iiiiice.


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