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I mentioned a while back that, even though I thought they were stupid at first, that I was interested in a Roomba. But the good ones are still super expensive so I forgot about it and kept sweeping. But sweeping sucks, so I decided to upgrade to this, and it came yesterday. You're supposed to charge it for at least 16 hours before using it, so I get to try it for the first time today. It's pretty sad how excited I am about this. The main reason is that every time I sweep, I do it, put the broom and dustpan away, and then step in a little pile of stuff I thought I got before. So I get the dustbuster, bust the dust, and put it away. And then step in a little more. I remember using a non-electric similar thing at my grandma's years ago and it was nice.


I want to try again to root my phone and install CyanogenMod, and in order to try again, I have to use a different SD card. There's one more SD card in the house from my last phone, so I can use it. But my new laptop doesn't have a card reader. And I can't find my camera's stupid cord. So I ordered this. It should be here today.


The last time I got shoes was before the Hawaii trip last March, and they need to go. That was put off a bit by the ankle thing, but they're now so uncomfortable, I can barely stand to sit here at my desk in them. You know where this is going. They look sturdy and I hope that they'll protect my flimsy ankles. And I realllly hope they fit right when they arrive, sending back shoes is a pain.


So yeah, new laptop. I'm really glad Garrett spotted a good one at the elecronics recycling place when he was there the other day, because I really needed one, and it was so much cheaper than any comparable new one would be. 


My medical bills came. I hope that's all of them. And this concludes my post about all the money flying around everywhere.

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