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That was quite a week, after all. Met up with Brad on Wednesday for a happy hour to make up for my lack of flexible availability (flexivaility?) the week before and had a nice time at The Lookout, which isn't terribly far from my place, but is in a uniquely remote location for getting back. I walked all the way there, but walked Brad about halfway home to a bus stop. As we approached the intersection, the light was about to change so I shouted "press the button!" to Brad, and he pulled the "you didn't say please" thing that you probably haven't heard since elementary school or charm school, whichever was most recent. This led to me missing the bus and being able to throw a major guilt trip his way. I assured him that it worked out for the best, though, because instead of an insanely packed 8, I hopped onto a roomy 43 a block away.

I like to call my appearances at Bearoke "rare", but Thursday was the second in a row because Mark (lucretius77, rarely seen around these parts) was in town. I brought a hoodie for Alan because an American Apparael 2x hoodie fits me like an anyone-else L and I wear XL. He brought me a book about movie cliches and such by Roger Ebert. It was nice.

Friday was going to be a night in but Garrett said he wanted a drink and I reminded him that Chapel was closing Saturday, so there we were.

Garrett and Claire and I have dinner at Amore Infused every first Saturday, and Mark was able to join us this time. It was a lot of fun and we decided to go to Chapel for their final night. I really like that place and I'm sad it's gone. 

I don't think I did much on Sunday other than go to Grocery Outlet and Safeway. The connection to the EBT service at GroceOut was on the fritz, so it was chaos. And they didn't have any of the delicious cornmeal crust pizzas they usually have, so there was almost no reason to even go. Though I did grab some herring in paprika sauce and cubes of dehydrated cilantro to try out. And a 4-pack of Seagram's Escapes. Ha.

Yesterday I hoped to find a lampshade at Value Village. They had some, but they were all gross. I think I'll just buy this one after this weekend.

I'm going to try making citrus-garlic roasted chicken tonight. It's funny, once I decide what I want to make for dinner, I wish I could just leave and hit the grocery store right away. 

Oh yeah, I finally got Garrett to watch Jason X last night. I love that movie so much and was glad that he liked it.

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