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"Let's make a burrito!"

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My Drag U prize pack came

My Drag U prize pack came, originally uploaded by christopher575.

There's a little note and notecard, a copy of her latest book and album, a shopping bag, a compact mirror, and a pennant. The shopping bag will replace the one I normally keep in my backpack.

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I missed it or forget, what did you win this for? Also, where did you stay in Victoria? I think we'll go in october because you made me so jellis

I won this by retweeting them on Twitter. Been retweeting them and Drag Race to try to win such a prize pack for ages.

We stayed at Chateau Victoria and I don't really recommend it. It wasn't cheap and their AC was the rolling type that hooks up to a window with a tube. I expect big, effective AC.

I think my favorite of the hotels where I've stayed there was Inn at Laurel Point, but it's a bit out of the way. Or the Marriott Inner Harbour.

Thanks. I've stayed at the Empress and I wasn't Empressed (see what I did there?).

I also stayed at the Delta and it effing sucked.

There is a clipper deal if you book before the 30th, and it's like $350 for the round trip clipper and hotel at some modern nice looking place. But I haven't been in so long I need to do more research.

You could probably book the round trip clipper and a nice room for less than that. Unless that's for two tickets.

Yeah that's both round trip tickets on the clipper and a night in the nice hotel.

They're running a sale if you book before the first for travel between oct 1 and jan 2

I'm good for now. Might look for the same special in a year or so.

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