christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Twitter Litter

  • 07:46 There should be a minimum typing speed for IM in the workplace. #
  • 10:24 #yodawg RT @ChopTedAllen: Study for a Bill Cosby Sweater with Bill Cosby Wearing a Bill Cosby Sweater on it #
  • 10:51 Normally I hate when people announce that there will be an announcement but it would have been funny if REM did that a week ago. #
  • 11:44 How long until REM's "We Need Some Money" reunion tour? I'm guessing four years, tops. #
  • 15:07 Glad to know my bus will exit the freeway when there's an accident up ahead. Curious to see if we can still get to my stop. #
  • 15:59 I keep seeing this being called a "fail" but I don't see why anyone would feel bad for not knowing it. #


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