christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Twitter Litter

  • 08:25 RT @NaomiAKlein: After cops raided #occupysf & tossed their stuff in dump, garbage workers returned it to protesters, saying "we r 99 % too" #
  • 08:44 One clear advantage LiveJournal has over Facebook: the option to disable comments. #
  • 09:05 About to listen to @mbmbam episode 27, after which I will be completely caught up. I will miss being able to listen to 3-4 a day. #mbmbam #
  • 09:48 I'm glad I'm not famous and can use twitter without everyone asking for retweets for their birthdays and babies with CANCER. #
  • 10:12 The Chew is a good idea for a show, but five days a week? #
  • 10:22 I'm surprised there aren't more slip-and-fall accidents in bathrooms where the paper towels are across the walkway from the sink. #


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