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I haven't posted about dreams in a while, but this morning's was really interesting. I think, because I read some bitchy tweets about Occupy protests right before bed that really annoyed me, I ended up having a really wonderful dream that was sort of related. I was starring in a documentary about the aftermath of the Occupy movement in the future, in which the economy got so bad that almost all business were failing because nobody had any money. People started occupying failed businesses and doing the work that had been done for money before, but just gave everything away instead. The particular group I was playing a member of took over abandoned thrift stores and repaired and re-purposed old clothing to make new and snazzy items to dress people for free. They also scoured thrift stores in Mexico and Canada (where there was still nicer stuff coming into thrift stores) for materials.

Of course, as dreams do, things stopped making what little sense they almost made. That point came in this dream when everyone working on the clothes came up with the idea for Groupon, which they used to get lots of cheap wine. And one of the seamstresses had crazy living moss all over her back that made weird patterns.
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