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  • Ср, 13:00: Bucket lists and vision boards are quickly becoming TV's biggest cliches.
  • Ср, 14:12: Why so many republican debates? Don't get me wrong, it's great to give them all this rope to hang themselves with, what's in it for them?
  • Ср, 17:24: RT @allisonkilkenny: I was told Anderson Cooper would be mud wrestling with the 85 CNBC moderators. Have I been misled? #cnbcdebate
  • Чт, 06:43: A friend needs 120 more people to complete this survey. Pretty please?
  • Чт, 07:00: Always funded: war, sports. Never guaranteed: education, arts.
  • Чт, 07:07: RT @mattpulver: There was more property damage in last night's pro-child rape riots at Penn State than in all the 100+ Occupy protests combined
  • Чт, 10:42: RT @jamiekilstein: Eddie murphy has a standup bit called faggots and aids but people said @rickygervais was offensive cause he made rich people sad
  • Чт, 12:05: If a straight man calls man-on-boy pedophilia "homosexual", he's saying all straight men rape little girls.

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