christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Things to be Thankful For

I am amused by the way my mind links things together and never ever lets go. Pretty much every time anyone mentions being thankful for anything, ever, I am transported back to fifth grade when the music teacher stopped by class for an hour each week. The only song I can remember went:

There are many things I am thankful for
I will tell you what they are
I am thankful for the Earth
I am thankful for the sea
I am thankful for my friends
And I'm thankful to be me

Specifically I can hear the music teacher's voice singing, "I am thannnnkful forrrrr my friennnnnds," and the class singing, "And I'm thankful to be meeeee."

I'm not kidding. It's pretty much every time I hear the word "thankful". So, this time of year, I get that in my head a lot.

Since I'm here I may as well mention how much I like being an adult and no longer having to put up with so many shitty people on my mom's side of the family during the holidays. It's actually been that way for a long time now. My mom's mother was a keystone who held a huge portion of my family together, because even though we all hated each other, we put up with each other because we loved her. When she died, everything fell apart and we were all free to pick up the pieces and rebuild as we saw fit. My mom's stepdad always treated me and my mom like shit, and once my grandma died, I never said another word to him. I always said I never would, too, and if I absolutely had to talk to him, it would be to tell him that I'd never forgive him for burying my grandmother when everyone knew for a fact that she thought the practice was disgusting and she wanted to be cremated.

My partner Jackson wanted to check out the local Freemason chapter in Albuquerque because when he was in London, all the right people were members. In ABQ, it was everyone else. The "grandfather" was there with an older couple, who were friends of the family I liked, but of course hadn't seen in years. I didn't talk to them because I didn't want to talk to him, but I'm pretty sure the wife recognized me. I wonder to this day if she feels the same way I do about my grandmother's husband, and always had to put up with him because her husband was friends with him. 


I'm very much looking forward to a nice meal tomorrow with my wonderful husband, awesome inlaws, nieces and a nephew who I'm happy to be a big gay uncle to, and wonderful friends. Being an adult rules.
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