christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

In case you run into me and see that I'm not wearing my wedding ring

I'm not creepin' around! I just can't find it. I'm always having to take it off while I cook and wash dishes and shower. The shower part is easy because we have a nail on the bathroom wall for that. Cooking and dishes, I usually put it in my pocket. Sometimes I don't have pockets, and things get complicated. But that was not the case. The night before last, I do remember putting it in my pocket on my way in to wash the dishes before bed. A little while later, I was in bed and didn't have it on. My theory is that I left it in the pocket of my pajama pants and it fell out when I laid them down before getting into bed. 

No, I don't wear them to bed. I wear them from the time I get home until time to go to bed. 

The reason it's complicated is that the place where I lay them when I take them off is actually on top of a couple of boxes. If it fell out, it might be in a box that's got a lot of stuff in it. So I need to go through that box, and that'll be quite the job. I'll try to look tonight. But in the meantime, I look like a cheater.

I don't have much of a wedding ring tan line because I hate the sun. I have a weird dent, though. 


Unrelated: If your photo posts haven't been working, try again now. If they still don't work, change your LJ password and go put the new password in your flickr extensions.

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