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le sigh

Remember how I said I was having an awesome fruit salad each morning at work? Well, that has to go on hold for a while. They're closing the cafeteria for four months to remodel it. Now, it might be really awesome when they reopen, but in the meantime:

- They're going to have four food trucks each day, 11am-2pm. No mention yet about breakfast service. Plus part of the cafeteria is open all day every day. One of the things there is espresso. I don't drink it, but I imagine a lot of people on campus will lose their shit when it's gone. My big concern is that four food trucks for five huge buildings will mean extremely long lines.

- I know I already said that our buildings are huge. I'ma say it again because each building only has one kitchen per floor. The refrigerators already get completely packed. I can only imagine that demand for the fridge space will double or even triple if there's no cafeteria. At least I'm one of the first people in the building, so I can probably always find a spot for my food. Digging it out later on will be a different story.

I don't understand why they couldn't at least do the cafeteria in stages. It's on two floors and they shut down the lower portion between Christmas and New Year's anyway. But I'm not in charge. I highly doubt it's the seating area they're re-doing, since it's gorgeous and huge as is. All I can hope for is that there will be more serving stations when it's done and they can include Vietnamese food. That's one thing I asked for in a recent survey, I had no idea they were maybe looking for ideas for a giant extensive remodel. If they were, I would have said "keep half the building open during any upcoming remodels."

Before anyone asks, the campus is all by itself and nothing else is close enough to walk to. Believe me, I love walking all over the place and would if I could. 

It's funny, because I was just thinking it'd be nice to get rid of my bookshelf and replace it with a desk and be able to work from home more often.

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