christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Things turning out better than expected

See, this is what happens when people let little things leak here and there instead of just telling the whole story to as many people as soon as possible. They've planned a little better for this cafeteria thing than I've been led to believe. Just earlier, for instance, I was wondering if there would no longer be access to ATMs on campus since the ATMs are in the cafeteria. As it turns out, they'll be in the lobby of my building! Right alongside the espresso service! I'm guessing my beloved fresh fruit won't be part of that, but I'll hold on to a glimmer of hope.

In addition, they'll have some sort of food service tent out by the food trucks. They didn't say what'll be there. My guess is that it'll be those pre-made sammiches and salads that I never get now that I'm on this campus. Back when I worked downtown, they were one of the better options, but not any more.

They also said the food trucks will accept credit cards and our corporate meal cards (I don't have one since there's an ATM around) and will actually be 10% cheaper than when they're parked elsewhere. That's at least something, since I've been looking at the menus and would end up spending in one example $11 for that day's food truck lunch when the thing I'd get in the cafeteria that day would be $6.50. Taking $1.10 takes off a little of the sting, but not enough to go there very often. 

I think they probably should have tried to find some non-gourmet food trucks.

Anyway, none of this changes the fact that they're not going to have enough refrigerator space, not by a long shot. And the food truck lines will be insaaaane.

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