christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Мои твиты

  • Вт, 20:13: I watched all 94 episodes of Clean House that Netflix has available. Wish they would get the rest.
  • Ср, 05:51: What's with the sudden influx of early bus riders? (Taking their sweet time, making me miss my connection)
  • Ср, 06:26: Just saw someone wearing an umbrella hat. Would love to see what other Harriet Carter stuff is in his collection at home.
  • Ср, 13:16: I wonder if anyone ever cut off their pinkies so they could have cartoon hands.
  • Ср, 13:40: Thought after a couple of years I might be able to go off Omeprazole. Wrong.

  • Movie cliche

    Person refuses to leave the hospital in a wheelchair even though it's hospital policy.

  • Movie cliche

    The danger in a situation such as a car chase is exaggerated by the presence of nuns, either walking as a group or traveling in a bus.

  • Movie Cliches

    - Person on foot is able to catch up to person in car by cutting through multiple backyards - Strangers who were just arrested are handcuffed next…

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