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Cold ramen salad

(Updating and correcting what I said in the comments about my dinner last night.)

Cook one packet of ramen sans flavor packet, rinse in a strainer with cold water and leave it there to get as dry as possible.

Make a dressing in a mixing bowl using a very-heaping tablespoon of mayo, a spurt of Sri Racha, and splashes of rice vinegar, vegetable oil, and soy sauce. Add a sparkle of Chinese five spice and mix thoroughly.

Add some vegetables. Either use what you like or what you need to get rid of. I needed to get rid of radishes and celery, but didn't want the normal crunchy celery chunks that you're used to from potato salad, so I used a peeler to make ribbons. I also chopped up the leafy part of the top. 

Put the ramen on the cutting board and chop every inch and a half or so across the pile. Ramen noodles are much too long for salads otherwise. Throw it in the dressing, mix it up, chill it, serve it. This recipe makes two side dishes or you can eat it yourself with some chicken or vegetables or perhaps a nice egg roll.
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