christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Monday walkin' update

Ow ow ow OW MY SHINS OW ow.

Which is funny, because this morning was the first one I actually did some pre-walk stretching. I started to worry about missing the bus toward the end, because the pain slowed me down a lot. But I always worry about being late, and it was fine. 

The shower situation at work is fine. Electronic lockers you set each time you use them, towels provided. The floors in the showers are hella slick, but whatevs. Wish there was a blowdryer like at the old gym. But it's free!

I could really use a nap. Whenever my routine changes, I just don't sleep very well. I fell asleep for a while, woke up for a couple hours, slept for four or so more, and was awake for half an hour before I actually had to get up. Every couple of weeks or so, I wake up face down, which puts a lot of pressure on my sinuses, and I end up with a headache. Each time, I'm optimistic and try to just let it go away on its own. It never does. Should have taken some ibuprofen when I woke up at 4:15, but didn't do it until I arrived at the office. Today's the last time. I will always gobble my pills as soon as I feel the pain. Lesson learned.


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