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Twitter Litter

  • Ср, 17:17: RT @thesunbreakmvb: Are you aware there's a 2-day tea festival up in Victoria this weekend? What a wild scene that's gonna be.
  • Ср, 19:31: Biscotti Baton #baddragnames
  • Чт, 07:48: Surprised that so many online forms still ask for day and evening phone and don't have a space for mobile.
  • Чт, 07:57: Men who try to keep birth control from women need to never get to have sex ever again.
  • Чт, 08:44: RT @InSoc: Information Society was occupying Wall Street 20 years ago, kids.
  • Чт, 09:19: Would be interested to hear some female republican perspectives on the birth control kerfuffle. Anyone?
  • Чт, 10:24: Forgot to mention how awesome it was to get a text message valentine to me and my husband from my dad this year.
  • Чт, 11:30: RIP compostable fork. 10/11/2011-2/16/2012
  • Чт, 11:35: By the way, I am not angry at the meatloaf that killed my fork. It didn't know its own strength. And it's delicious.


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